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      September 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023

      New Digitised Manuscripts: 736

      Number of  Added  Images: 253,578


      10 Jan 2024

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      IIIF - Thematic Pathways

      We are very pleased to announce that the project Web Thematic Pathways of Medieval Manuscripts (from the Vatican Collections using International Image Interoperability Framework), is now live. This is the result of a three-year project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and carried out in collaboration with Stanford University Libraries. The project aims to demonstrate, among the advantages

      17 Oct 2019

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      The digitization project of the Vatican Library

      The project aims to digitize the entire Library’s collection of manuscripts: 80,000 codices (excluding the archival units) mostly from Middle Age and Humanistic period.
      The project, started in 2010, focuses on two purposes: the long-term preservation of high resolution images and the online digital library.

      In the light of the importance and the extent of this collection the answer to the ba

      17 May 2016

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